ROCK ASANA Event Video Production – Capturing Yoga & Rock Fusion with The Production Distillery

Step into the rhythmic world of yoga and classic rock with The Production Distillery’s collaboration: the ROCK ASANA yoga event by Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation. Our expertise in live streaming and video production was showcased in this one-of-a-kind event, combining the vibrancy of music with the tranquility of yoga.

For this special event, held at Curtis Hixon Park in Tampa, our team deployed high-end cameras and state-of-the-art streaming technology. We were tasked with capturing not just the yoga class, but the entire atmosphere of the event – from the dynamic yoga poses set against classic rock tunes to the communal spirit as attendees engaged in wellness and charity.


The ROCK ASANA class was an all-levels session that brought the local community together for a cause. For every attendee, a meal was donated to Feeding America in partnership with Conscious Coconut. Our live stream service ensured that even those who couldn’t attend in person could participate in this meaningful event. Post-event, our skilled video production team crafted a promotional video for Bella Prana, encapsulating the essence of ROCK ASANA – its energy, its people, and its impact.


Experience the magic of ROCK ASANA through our lens and see how The Production Distillery brings events to life with professional video production and live streaming services. Whether it’s a yoga class or a corporate event, we’re here to capture your story with clarity and creativity.