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Recovery Renegades


“Recovery Renegades”, documents the life threatening battle with addiction and what it really takes for an addicted individual to become sober; allowing them to live a free life. Every household in America either has a family member or knows someone who has a loved one dealing with addiction. When you did a little deeper you’ll find that unfortunately the majority of these individuals have been in and out of treatment four, five, and six times with no real success at staying sober. Most of the time with the family unknowingly aiding their addiction in what they feel is needed help. According to Sam Davis and his team at Broad Highway Recovery, the lack of proper support and work direct work with the family for someone suffering from addiction is lacking to the extreme; and the typical 30 day treatment centers are doing nothing but robbing people of not only their money, but any hope there is for sobriety. With this disease running wild across America, now more than ever people need to understand that there is a much better way to handle this devastating, life threatening illness.

Lenght: 13 X 22 MINS  /  Seasons: 5

Modern Fishing


Follow along with Jared Jeffries as he takes you around the world searching for action on artificial bait. Jigging and popping techniques and tips and tricks from Jared himself.

Lenght: 13 X 22 MINS  Seasons: 6



Airing for 6 seasons on the Sportsman Channel, Wildlifers took viewers around the world on one adventure after another. Now completely digital, the Wildlifers Channel is your one stop connection to the vast world of hunting adventure and amazing outdoor content featuring a wide range of species and hunt styles. Airing both full length episodic TV series and premium hunt / fish content available for you.