ZimSculpt at Peace River Gardens,

A Visual Feast

“Capturing the Artistic Spirit of ZimSculpt at Peace River Gardens” Commissioned by the Charlotte Community Foundation, The Production Distillery had the distinct pleasure of covering the ZimSculpt exhibition at the Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens. This event was a celebration of Zimbabwean artistry, set amidst the natural beauty of the gardens.

Event Highlights: “A Symphony of Sculpture and Nature” ZimSculpt, renowned for its extraordinary Zimbabwean stone sculptures, transformed the gardens into a vibrant art haven. Our coverage focused on the intricate details of these sculptures, the artists’ craftsmanship, and the harmonious blend of art with the lush garden landscapes.

Behind the Scenes with The Production Distillery, Our team employed a mix of aerial and ground-level cinematography to capture the essence of the event. We aimed not just to document but to tell a story – the story of cultural exchange, artistic expression, and community engagement fostered by this unique event.

Client Collaboration: “Partnering with the Charlotte Community Foundation” Working under the commission of the Charlotte Community Foundation, our goal was to highlight the impact of this event on the community. This collaboration was an opportunity to showcase how art can unite people and inspire a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity.

Experience the Intersection of Art and Nature We invite you to view our coverage of the ZimSculpt event at Peace River Gardens and witness how The Production Distillery captures the convergence of art, nature, and community. Explore our portfolio for more on how we bring such vibrant events to life, and contact us for your event coverage needs.”